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Yoga is the integration of body, mind and spirit. Through a balanced body and peaceful mind, we are able to  know our true self and realize lasting health and happiness.  At Where in the World Yoga & Wellness, we provide practical, accessible, and achievable yoga instruction and inspiration with a special emphasis on beginners, returners and recovering bodies. Where ever you are on your journey, Where in the World Yoga & Wellness is there for you.  

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Lymphatic Yoga®


Lymphatic Yoga® as created by Yoga Master Edely Wallace is a method designed to move the Lymphatic System. It uses deep breathing and muscle motion to target the intricacies, anomalies, and needs of the Lymphatic System.  The body is mainly water and the Lymphatic System is our body’s fundamental water supply. When the Lymphatic fluid is sluggish, diseases find ideal conditions to develop. On the other hand, when it is flowing freely, the lymph fluid cleanses, protects, restores, and nourishes the cellular structure of the whole body. The function of the Lymphatic System is so vital to the body that its condition can be considered  as the mirror of our health. Lymphatic Yoga® is available through Onsite Instruction, Private Instruction and Community Classes. A downloadable brochure is available below. 

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Yoga For Cancer


A cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming and frightening experience. For patients facing painful medical treatments, stress, anxiety, and emotional trauma, yoga can provide support on the journey to  heal the body, calm the mind and soothe the spirit.  

A growing body of research supports the benefits of a yoga practice for cancer patients, both during and after treatment. Yoga improves circulation and lymph drainage, detoxifies the body,  supports immune function, improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases strength and flexibility.  

We are pleased to share the benefits of yoga with a FREE weekly class for the patients of The Cancer Center at North Florida Regional Healthcare in Gainesville, Florida.  Classes are held Monday evenings at 6:00 PM in the Community Room off the main lobby.  See our Calendar for schedule updates. Please RSVP weekly by Monday mornings at 10:30 am. 


Yoga & Wellness Retreats


Remember going to camp when you were a kid? Well it's kind of like that only better, and with wine! We take care of all the essentials and more, allowing you the freedom to show up and just be:  be in the moment, be happy, be cared for, be inspired. Whether it's a weekend by the sea or nestled in the mountains, or a week-long immersion, our unique and fun yoga & wellness retreats will nurture and support you on your wellness journey. Our emphasis on small groups and affordability ensure experiences that provide guilt-free relaxation, restoration,  rejuvenation, and renewal for all levels of yogis.  Where in the World will you join us?

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