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2018 Let Go & Flow Yoga Camping Retreat

Was wonderful & very relaxing.

The quality of the food, decorations and overall thoughtfulness to make the experience go from camping to glamping was amazing!!!

I felt love, acceptance and friendship.

Your retreat was amazing, as you both are as well.

Time spent with you was soul-enriching and character-building.

Thank you ladies for joining us on our first camping retreat! We had great fun practicing yoga under the beautiful blue sky, savoring the sunset from a schooner and laughing around the campfire!  We know the bonds formed will continue strengthen and we hope to see you again soon!

Yoga for Cancer Patients & Caregivers

As of March this year I was given a rude awakening,  I had brain cancer,  I never thought that such a diagnosis would be given to me. I know it can happen to anyone at anytime. My future retirement plans had been changed from future to present. I always wanted to do yoga and I guess cancer guided me to your (Erin Jaszczak) class. I may not be the most graceful at yoga but it has a way of soothing ones soul at a time most needed. I must thank you for the time you devote and north Florida regional for The space it provides to do it in. Thank You Erin 

  It has made all the difference for me and my recovery during cancer treatments. I didn’t enter my diagnosis last year in the best physical health.  I had gained lots of weight and was eating a terrible diet with no exercise. I began reading so much about how yoga/exercise, meditation and diet can affect the outcome for a cancer patient.  I was so excited to see your yoga class offered at FCS.  Since my first yoga class I have personally come so far!  My flexibility, strength and overall calmness has improved so much!  I love your class and look forward to it every week!  Thank you Erin 🙏 


I’m getting ready for some CyberKnife treatment next week for a new lung cancer lesion.  

It’s particularly calming to have this hour of thoughtful relaxation in your class.  I appreciate it.

 It is a wonderful class and is very helpful in building strength.  And getting to know other people is very good. 

2018 Women's Winter Explore & Restore Yoga & Creative At Journaling Retreat

I felt truly cared for! 

Erin did such a wonderful job! 

Lovely guidance by Erin, encouragement to make it our own and always listen to our bodies. 

Trish is SO enthusiastic. It was a great introduction for those who are not journalers. 

The food was so delicious! They really helped me be more aware of what I'm eating and eating better .

Priced affordably with tons of extras.

Big thumbs up!

Thank you for the lovely feedback! We are so grateful to have spent such a wonderful weekend with you ladies!

2017 Autumn Equinox Yoga Retreat

Beyond my expectations! 

Great location, nice people, yummy healthy food, fun activities 

Very relaxing, well planned and executed....can't wait for the next one 

It was the perfect atmosphere for the weekend. 

Very affordable.  

I didn't want to leave. 

Love you guys......  Very well done! 

Thank you ladies! We had a fabulous time with you and can't wait to meet on the river again in 2018!

Private Yoga Sessions

Erin has been giving me yoga sessions in my home for over 9 months now. I feel I have greatly increased my strength and flexibility with these weekly sessions. Her instruction is so good that I can now do very healthy sessions on my own in between our sessions.  ~Mary Lee

Thank you for the kind words. It has been a joy to see all the benefits that yoga has brought you!

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